About Kevin

Personal Vision:  

“I’m a kind, light-hearted playful creator of memorable moments. I provoke change and challenge the comfort zones of myself and others. I embrace wisdom, friendships, the elevation of happiness and the happiness of elevation. I am present and I am ready.”

Kevin is currently President of the company PlasticBank. Click here to find out more.


  • Date of Birth: March 15th, 1964
  • Place of Birth: Montreal, Quebec
  • Place of Residence: Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Residence History: (Father was United Church Minister so the family moved a lot)
  • Lived in Weyburn, Saskatchewan (2 years)
  • Lived in Sutton, Quebec (5 years)
  • Lived in Saint John, New Brunswick (14 years)
  • Lived in Toronto, Ontario (7 years)
  • Lived in Vancouver, British Columbia (5 years)
  • Education: High School Academic Diploma
  • 2 years at UNBSJ – Business
  • 1 year at Radio College of Canada
  • Work History: Pallet builder, youth camp counsellor, Navy reserves, gas station attendant, computer sales, computer service, product marketing, national computer service manager, bartender, restaurant management, outdoor guide, self-employed outdoor recreation business
  • Running History: Vancouver Marathon (1996 & 1997),
  • Chuckanut 50k, Wildhorse 80k, Diez Vistas 50k

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